Friday, January 1, 2010

More Linux News

Ok, so this isn't technically radio-related but since it involves the laptop I'll be using for my radio stuff I figure I can include the Linux stuff here. Besides, it's my blog and I'll do what I want. :-)

I actually do have some radio news. Last night I built a cable for what will hopefully soon by my new, dedicated APRS setup for the truck. I have a Motorola M120 that's programmed for 144.39 and hopefully it'll be mounted in the truck before long. Unfortunately something is amiss. I tried it last night but I don't appear to be keying the radio with the TinyTrak. The cable rings out ok. Not sure if it's a configuration issue with the TT3 or the radio itself. I'm hoping the latter since I don't have the software to look at the radio.

I'd hoped to spend some time troubleshooting it today but it's been raining all day. I have a feeling that trend is going to continue. Since it's put a damper on my ham activities I figured I'd try something new on the Linux front.

I spent this morning working on Linux virtualization. Last night I installed VirtualBox. I tried doing a quick install of straight Ubuntu but for some reason it crapped out. I don't think I set the initial virtual hard drive size to be large enough and it probably couldn't resize during the install. I also ran into another issue. I tried creating a VM for Windows XP but the laptop wouldn't recognize either the SP1 or SP3 CDs that I tried installing. This morning I finally had some success as it recognized my Vista CD. It took a while to install (enough for two cups of coffee and some breakfast at least) but it's now installed.

Vista VM

The install isn't 100% but it's a start. I can't seem to get the wireless adapter working (or even find it as a network option) through the VM. I'm sure it's something I've missed. I'm going to try to spend a little time with the manual. I'm sure I'll figure it out shortly. At least something seems to be going right for me today. :-P

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