Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Wrap-Up

Thought I'd post more than I did from the campsite but it just didn't work out.

So far portable radio communication isn't working out too well for me. I did setup the go-box using my EE-3 antenna on the 12' pool pole about 6' off the ground. I was able to hit two repeaters but didn't hear any traffic.

I was disappointed again with the P1. No matter what I did I couldn't get the SWR down below 16. I tried adding another base rod but that had no effect. I got disgusted and pulled it down and replaced it with the Buddistick. Within minutes I was on the air at 1.6 SWR. Unfortunately the wife and kid got back from the shower and dinner was ready before I could make some contacts. I did hear some QSOs but that's about it.

I'd hoped to make some late evening contacts but the thunder and lightning was threatening so I pulled down the antennas. Of course as luck would have it we didn't get any rain. :-(

So far I'm feeling more confident about the Buddistick than I am the P1. I still have to give it some more tests but I don't feel I can take the P1 out w/o an analyzer. I think if I get the taps set on the Buddistick I should be good to go. I'm looking for something to take hiking so I don't want to lug more than I have to.

Of course, this also means I need to pick up the 817 or 857. I don't see carrying my 718 out into the woods.

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