Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Birthday Update

Well, things went well yesterday. Da boy kicked things off by calling me (with Mommy's help) and wishing me Happy Birthday. He's a sweet little bugger. When I got home the family went to dinner and back to our house for cake and gifts.

My wife took a cake decorating class and surprised me with a camping themed cake. I'll post a pic later but for now I'll just describe it: chocolate icing with green grass; graham cracker tent; pretzel/icing campfire; and two big pretzels and a fruit roll-up making the hammock. :-D It was pretty cool.

So how about the loot? I did pretty good.

Light My Fire Meal Kit (Red)
Light My Fire Spork XM (Lime Green)
GSI Telescoping Spatula
Basic Illustrated Camping
SAS Survival Handbook
Jetboil Pot Support
Jetboil Coffee Press
White 32oz Nalgene Bottle
1 can stove fuel
And $70 in Dick's gift cards!
I also got a cool little keychain flashlight that's actually a wind-up!

Of course I got the Katadyn the day before.

Time to go camping!!

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