Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mall Watch

Every year our ARES group holds Mall Watch. We drive around the parking lot of one of the local malls and provide security with extra eyes. Sometimes we help watch exits for suspected shoplifters. Sometimes we call for a jump when a car won't start. Sometimes we twiddle our thumbs. Whatever the case, from Black Friday to Christmas we patrol the lot over the weekend to provide some additional safety for shoppers.

Tonight I decided to leave the TinyTrak on. This covers a period of 3 hours and roughly 9 miles. This is what Mall Watch looks like. :-)

Mall Watch Track


JC said...

"you" are taking this APRS thing a little too far..... :)

Jon said...

WOW.. Now I can say I know a REAL mall ninja!!


N4CDB said...

You may sir. You can also say you've had a brush with greatness. Now get back to milkin' those cows!