Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Birthday w00t!

Ok, for those of you not in the know, "w00t!" is a good expression. A couple of days ago my bestest brother (never thought I'd ever say that :-) ) surprised me with a package in the mail. When I looked at the label I saw it was from Powerwerx. Backing up a bit we've been working out or communications abilities between our locations using various digital modes. I'd operated during Field Day on battery power and hadn't re-charged a week or so later. Well, when we tried to play the battery was too pooped to party. He asked if I had anything to monitor the voltage and I said I wanted to get a good gadget but just kept using the multimeter and hadn't checked it lately.

Coming back to the present time I opened the box and found a Whattmeter. I said, "w00t!" This thing is pretty slick. It gives you current and average amperage/voltage along with power consumption. Now I can compare the amperage my radio is drawing with what the manual states. I'll be able to use this data to make more accurate power plans.


The Whattmeter is small, too. It also came with Anderson Powerpoles so it was installed in seconds. So big birthday thanks to my big bwudder.

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